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Ammonium Nitrate Solution (20-0-0) is available as an excellent starter fertilizer to get your corn on the right track to higher yields. AN solution is made up of half Nitrate and half Ammonium, making it less seed toxic than Urea-based fertilizer, yet still offers a versatile 20-0-0 solution that can be blended with most fertilizers. Nitrate is mobile and the most accessible for plant uptake, even in cool weather, and does not get tied up by organic matter. This clear solution weighs 10.53 lbs. per gallon. Solution derived from Ammonium Nitrate does not volatize which ensures your Nitrogen is going available for your corn plant.

There are two suggested options for using AN 20 solution at planting. In or over the furrow, or a 2x2 type method.

In-furrow or over the furrow allows its use up to 10 pounds of Nitrogen (4.74 gal of AN solution) to boost the corn in early growth stages. This product is less likely to burn the seedling than products that contain urea or DAP.
40 pounds of Nitrogen (19 gal of solution) applied in a 2x2 manner at planting will get the corn through the "ugly corn" stage. V5 determines ear size for later filling, and this approach provides readily available nitrate nitrogen for excellent ear forming potential.
In addition to a starter fertilizer, Ammonium Nitrate solution can be used as a side-dress solution. Due to its mobility in the soil, and lack of volatility, Ammonium Nitrate is effective when simply dribbled between rows.

Ammonium Nitrate Solution is in a Non-DOT regulated form. It is available at our site near Gridley, IL. Click here to contact us today for questions and pricing.

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