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Corn Excellence Program®

Schertz Aerial Service, Inc. is pleased to offer an aerial broadcast of Ammonium Nitrate, Potassium Nitrate, and Ammonium Sulfate; positioned as a supplement(s) to enhance a balanced fertility program. We believe that an application of these specialty fertilizers will enhance stalk strength and fungicide results to be a key part of our Corn Excellence Program®. The following information is a summary of research articles that support our position that this will be a valuable addition to corn production.

Corn Excellence Program®
Updated program which also offers the use of the NutriSolutions® Tool from Winfield™ to analyze tissue samples to generate application recommendations of the program.
Schertz Aerial Service Corn Excellence Program®  PDF Document  (2.81 MB)
Schertz Aerial Service Corn Excellence Program®, 1-Page Summary  PDF Document  (<1 MB)

Importance of P and K in Corn and Soybean Development
The soil fertility levels for P and K are greatly impacted by their availability in the soil and previous crop removal. Monsanto Technology Development.
Importance of P and K in Corn and Soybean Development  PDF Document  (<1 MB)

Nitrate Fertilizer YARA Publication
This brochure summarizes some of the essential aspects of the agronomic and environmental impact of nitrogen fertilizer choices.
Nitrate Fertilizer YARA Publication  PDF Document (3 MB)

Best Management Practices for Nitrogen Fertilizer in Missouri
This article discusses Best Management Practices for nitrogen applications. It promotes the application of nitrogen as close to the period of rapid crop intake. Important considerations include; timing, rate, type, method of applications of nitrogen.
Best Management Practices for Nitrogen Fertilizer in Missouri  PDF Document (4 MB)

Winfield Schertz Ammonium Nitrate Potassium Nitrate 2013
Quest for 300 bushel/acre Corn & 100 bushel/acre Soybeans
Winfield Schertz Ammonium Nitrate Potassium Nitrate 2013 PowerPoint PDF  PDF Document (4 MB)

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