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Cover Crops

Dan Towery 2015 Crop & Soil Health Seminar Presentation
Dan Towery 2015 Crop & Soil Health Seminar Presentation  PDF Document  (5 MB)

Winter Cover Crop Impacts on Erosion and Nitrate Losses in Tile Drainage
Cover Crops and Soil Health: Harvesting the Pontential Environmental Impacts of Cover Crops
Tom Kaspar Session 7  PDF Document  (5.5 MB)

Cover Crop Solutions Tillage Radish
Key Benefits, Seeding Rates, and Informational Tips.
CCS Tillage Radish  PDF Document  (1 MB)

Sustainable Crop Rotations with Cover Crops
This fact sheet provides recommendations for specific crop varieties in cash crop rotations based on desired soil health benefits. Also includes biomass production and N contribution data. Ohio State University Extension Jan 09, 2012.
Sustainable Crop Rotations with Cover Crops  PDF Document  (535 KB)

Forage Radish Fact Sheet
This fact sheet provides the unique characteristics of a forage radish cover crop and benefits to the farmer, the soil, and the environment while avoiding many of the problems traditionally associated with cover crops. Maryland Cooperative Extension, University of Maryland Oct 22,2009.
Forage Radish Fact Sheet  PDF Document  (440 KB)

Cover Crops for Soil and Water Quality
Cover crops provide many potential benefits for both soil and water quality, such as reducing soil erosion and nitrate leaching in corn-soybean rotations, by growing during the fallow periods between harvest and planting of main crops. Tom Kaspar, USDA-ARS, Ames, IA.
Cover Crops for Soil and Water Quality  PDF Document  (52 KB)

Managing Cover Crops in Conservation Tillage Systems
An overall summary of benefits of conservation tillage systems and cover crop effects.
Managing Cover Crops in Conservation Tillage Systems  PDF Document  (292 KB)

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